Today, at Prime College, Mr. Chandan Gupta talked about Tech Entrepreneurship in Nepal. He is Founder, CEO at Growcept. The session was conducted especially for the students of CSIT 5th and 7th semester of Prime College.

In the entire session he talked about the Tech Entrepreneurship in Nepal.


According to Mr. Gupta, whenever we are trying to develop a solution or any product, we should think of “Why we are are building” rather than “What we are building”.  Our goal cant be reached until and unless we think about the needs and requirements of end user. Pointing to his very own remarks, “Whatever is the level of product, how many features you add, the value of product is ZERO until that does not solve real life problem of the user”, he justify this by giving the example of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Company, introducing the very first iPod  in 2001. He also suggest that, to sustain in Tech Startups, h/she should think of something new or far more better if the solution already exists.



On the one and half hour session, Mr. Gupta also mentioned about the power of data in the current scenario of Tech Industry. Quoting him; “Whoever got the largest amount of data, he  will be so called rich”.

Focusing on our final year project and startups, he mentioned, always think why should we and our product should be accepted by the user!! as his closing remarks.